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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a relatively new type of service which aims at improving the conventional carpet cleaning techniques used until now. Dry carpet cleaning is suitable for all types of carpet, both natural and man-made. The carpets are ready to use in about thirty of forty minutes depending on the weather and the relative humidity of the room. Usually a carpet which has been dry cleaned takes an average of thirty percent less time to be ready to walk on.

We are the company that provides the best dry carpet cleaning industry listings have put us on the top of the page. Another major advantage of dry carpet cleaning is the less shrinkage sustained by the carpet as it is not wet. Shrinking of natural fiber carpets is more notable than that of man-made material carpets, nevertheless both types should be protected from prolonged exposure to water and moisture even if for cleaning purposes.

The dry carpet cleaning methods may vary from one service provider to another, but in general the dry cleaning of carpets consists of the following steps: firstly a special machine works the carpet fibers in order to loosen up any dirt, dust and debris trapped between the fibers. Once this has been done, the next step would be the application of a special spray on cleaner, sometimes referred to as crystal cleaner. The cleaner is non-toxic and does not leave any toxic residues or smells.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Most service providers would use a cleaning solution that is ninety nine percent natural and is also non allergenic. The third step of the dry carpet cleaning process is the application of a powder cleaner which activates enzymes in the dirt and debris and bonds them together thus making them easier to trap and clean off. Final step is vacuuming. For a full list of quality cleaning services including dry carpet cleaning residents should flip throughour website, there you can find a list of all domestic services including specific ones like dry carpet cleaning residents can receive seven day a week service.